How do I rename a link in WordPress?

How do I change a custom URL in WordPress?

At the top of the Menus screen, next to ‘Select a menu to edit’, choose the menu you want to add a custom link to from the drop-down list, then click ‘Select’. Click on the ‘Custom Links’ heading from the menu options which appear below. Type or paste the URL into the URL text field.

How do you mask a link?

How to mask (cloak) a destination URL

  2. Give the destination URL and other information (Watch video)
  3. Click on Mask URL option button.

What is the difference between a custom link and page in WordPress?

Pages – Adds a link to another page on your site. Posts – links directly to a blog post on your site. … Custom Links – Adds a custom URL linking to another site.

What is a custom link?

A Custom Link is a shortened URL that you can customize yourself before sharing. Pretty intuitive, huh? You can customize your URLs before sharing them in 2 ways: Purchasing a unique branded domain for the beginning of your link, and.

How do I hide a URL link?

It is not possible to completely hide the URL you are attempting to navigate to. The URL must be present in some form – such as the ‘href’ attribute of the – tag to tell the browser where to navigate to. However, it is possible to mask the URL with access to your server settings.

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