How do I remove the date and time from a WordPress comment?

How do I remove the date from WordPress comments?

Remove Date and Time From WordPress Comments

  1. Step 1: Access the WordPress Dashboard. From the WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance and click, “Customize.”
  2. Step 2: Access the Additional CSS Field. …
  3. Step 3: Use Inspect in the Customizer Screen. …
  4. Step 4: Input Code into the Customizer CSS Box. …
  5. Step 5: Save Changes by Publishing.

How do I remove the date and time from a WordPress post?

Removing date from WordPress post is very easy from the admin dashboard.

  1. Go to the admin dashboard.
  2. After that, go to Settings > General.
  3. On the date format section, select Custom and delete whatever is there and click on Save Changes.

How do I change the date on a WordPress comment?

You can change the date and time that the comment was submitted by clicking on the Edit link next to the date and time. After clicking Edit, several fields appear below the original date and time. Update the fields if required and click the OK button to save the new date and time.

How do you remove the date from a blog post?

Just login to your Blogger dashboard and head to Layout and on blog posts click edit and then uncheck the date in popup window. Also you can see various date formats to choose from and at the bottom you can arrange items. Once done click save and view your blog where you have removed post date from blog header.

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How do I post a date on WordPress?

Start by editing the post that you want to back date in your WordPress admin area. On the post editor screen, under the Publish meta box you will see the option to publish the post immediately. Right next to it, there is an edit link. Clicking on the edit link will display the post’s time and date settings.

How do I remove the author from a WordPress post?

Now go to Posts » All Posts page and click on the screen options menu at the top. Enter 999 for number of items to display. This will allow you to quickly edit and change author name for a large number of posts. You need to select all posts using the checkbox and then select edit under the bulk actions drop down menu.

How do I hide the date on my WordPress posts?

Open any WordPress posts and find the “Remove Meta and Date” option in the publish box. Uncheck the “Remove Meta and Date” option to unhide the date and metadata. Or check the box to hide them. Using the ‘Remove from Homepage’ options, users can hide the dates from their Homepage posts.

Can I edit my comment on WordPress?

To modify your comment, you need to click on the Click to Edit link. This will allow you to make changes to your comment. However, you’ll not be allowed to change your name, email, or website URL. Once you’re done, you need to click on the Save button to update the comment.

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How do I get comments on WordPress?

Navigate to the Posts/Pages screen. In the list of pages or posts, find the one you want and hover your cursor over the title of the post. You will see several links appear underneath the title. Click “Quick Edit” and check “Allow Comments.” Click “Update” to turn comments on for that post.