How do I post to multiple categories in WordPress?

How do I add bulk categories in WordPress?

You can also import bulk categories into WordPress using the “Category Import” plugin.

  1. Log in to your WordPress administrator dashboard and click “Plugins” on the left side of the interface.
  2. Click “Add New” and type “category import” into the search box. …
  3. Click “Activate Plugin” and refresh the page.

How do I combine categories in WordPress?

How to Merge Categories in WordPress

  1. Step 1: Select all posts in the category you want to eliminate. In the dashboard navigate to Posts >> All Posts. …
  2. Step 2: With all posts checked, select “Edit” and click “Apply”. …
  3. Step 3: Eliminate the category you no longer need.

How do you categorize posts in WordPress?

Assigning Posts to Categories:

  1. Go to My Sites → Site → Posts.
  2. Click on the post you want to assign to a category.
  3. Under Document Settings on the right, expand the Category option.
  4. Click the checkbox next to the category you want the post to be assigned to and publish your changes.
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How do I select multiple categories in WordPress?

Multi-Select option for Categories

  1. Let’s figure out how to use it.
  2. Go to plugin settings, “Categories and Pagination” tab and enable Categories feature.
  3. Enable Multi-Select option.
  4. After that you can add category for your images in Images List.
  5. Multiselect Results.

How do I export categories in WordPress?

If you’d like to export a category or two, then WordPress is already set up for this. You will have an option to select “Posts.” When you do this, more options appear, including the option to export a single category. Simply select your category, and then download your export file.

How do I add bulk categories in WooCommerce?

From this page, one can create WooCommerce categories in bulk.

Install Bulk WooCommerce Category Creator

  1. Login to the admin of your website.
  2. Go to Plugins -> Add New.
  3. Click on Upload Plugin -> Choose file -> Select the plugin file.
  4. Click Install now and activate the plugin once it is installed.

How do you combine two categories?

Select both categories and select the merge option from the bulk option. Mentions the name to which you want to merge these categories and click on apply to make changes. Now after merging these two categories you’ll see one new category containing products of both and the name will be the one you mentioned.

How do I bulk delete categories in WordPress?

6 Answers

  1. Go to Posts > Categories > Uncategorized.
  2. Click the “Screen Options” tab in the top right corner, then change “Number of items per page:” to 1000. ( …
  3. Now select all of the items on the page and click the “Bulk Actions” drop-down above the select all and select the “Edit” option.
  4. Hit Apply.
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How do I bulk edit tags in WordPress?

ADD Categories and Tags using the Bulk Edit Posts -function

  1. Go to the “Posts” and “Edit”.
  2. Select any number of posts from the “Edit Posts” page.
  3. Select “Edit” from the “Bulk Actions” pull-down menu.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Choose Category for all the chosen posts.
  6. Add Tags for all the chosen posts.

What is the difference between categories and tags in WordPress?

Categories are best used for broad groupings of topics. For example, if you’re creating a site that reviews media, you might use categories such as Books or Film or TV. Tags are much more specific topics that you want to use to associate related content.

How do I list categories in WordPress?

By specifying a number, you can define the maximum number of categories to display. For example, we can list the five most used categories. $args = array( ‘orderby’ => ‘count’, ‘order’ => ‘DESC’, ‘number’ => 5 ); This example lists the categories with the greatest number of posts.

How do I add Select2 in WordPress?

When the style of Select2 control is important, add a stylesheet to the WordPress back-end. //Add the Select2 CSS file wp_enqueue_style( ‘select2-custom-css‘, ‘/wp-content/plugins/select-2-tutorial/select2-custom. css’, array()); Then use this file to apply custom CSS rules.

How do I create a dropdown list in WordPress?

How to Add a Drop-Down Menu: Step by Step

  1. Step 1: Create Menu Items. To get started, navigate to Appearance > Menus in your WordPress dashboard. …
  2. Step 2: Set Your Menu Structure. At this stage, your menu is not yet organized. …
  3. Step 3: Add CSS to Your Menu. …
  4. Step 4: Preview Your Menu. …
  5. Step 5: Publish Your Menu.
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