How do I hide WooCommerce notices?

How do I customize my WooCommerce notice?

Set new Cart Notices by going to WooCommerce > Cart Notices, where you will see a list of your current Cart Notices and can add, view, edit, enable/disable, and delete your notices. Create new notices from the “New Notice” tab at the top.

How do I show my WooCommerce notice?

You need to use dedicated wc_print_notices() function, that displays Woocommerce notices. This function is hooked or used in woocommerce templates for that purpose. To make the WooCommerce notice actives in the page of your short code you need to add inside your shortcode this wc_print_notices() function.

How do I hide country field in WooCommerce?

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Log into your WordPress site and access the dashboard as the admin user.
  2. From the dashboard menu, click on the Appearance Menu > Theme Editor Menu. …
  3. Open this functions file to add the function to remove the Country field on the WooCommerce checkout page:

How do I change the alert message in WooCommerce?

Here is the working code to Change alert message text for variation in Woocommerce and you need to add this into your theme’s functions.php file:

  1. add_filter( ‘gettext’, ‘customizing_variable_product_message’, 97, 3 );
  2. function customizing_variable_product_message( $translated_text, $untranslated_text, $domain )
  3. {
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How do I get WooCommerce error?

To access the WooCommerce Fatal Errors log: Go to WooCommerce > Status > Logs.

The log will include the:

  1. Timestamp when the error occurred.
  2. Error that occurred.
  3. File and line in the code for the origination of the error.
  4. Stack trace – a snapshot of the history of the function calls and files leading up to the error.

How do I add a custom field to the billing and shipping address in WooCommerce?

Modifying Billing and Shipping Address Fields with Checkout Field Editor

  1. Go to Settings > CheckoutWC > Integrations and check the box next to “Enable Checkout Field Editor address field overrides.”
  2. Modify your addresses under WooCommerce > Checkout Fields.

How do I delete my billing address in WooCommerce?

How to Remove / Disable Billing Address Fields

  1. In WordPress admin, go to WooCommerce > Settings.
  2. Click the Shipping tab.
  3. Click ‘Shipping options’
  4. Select ‘Force shipping to customer billing address’ for ‘Shipping destination’ and save.

How do I redirect a thank you page in WooCommerce?

Configure the plugin at Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Thanks Redirect for WooCommerce. Presently you can set Global Custom redirect URLs for your customers based on Success or Failure.