How do I do a direct checkout page in WooCommerce?

How do I checkout a page in WooCommerce?

The normal WooCommerce flow is: go to the single product, click add to cart, go to the cart page, then go to checkout. One page checkout allows you to change that to: go to the product page => checkout. This extension allows you to add paid services or products at checkout.

How do I create a custom checkout page in WooCommerce?

One Page Checkout Graphical Interface

  1. Go to: Pages > Add New or Posts > Add New.
  2. Make sure the editor is in Visual mode.
  3. Click the One Page Checkout icon.
  4. Click inside the Products field and type the product name/s to display.
  5. Select the products to display.
  6. Select the template to use for product selection fields.

How do I simplify free WooCommerce checkout?

How to Simplify Free WooCommerce Checkout

  1. Remove Coupon Forms. First, you probably don’t want the coupon form for your free checkout, as there’s nothing to discount. …
  2. Disable Order Notes. You may want to gather order notes from the customer for the free order. …
  3. Unset Unnecessary Fields. …
  4. Putting it Together.

What is Page checkout?

One-step checkout (also known as one page checkout) is an approach to eCommerce website design in which the entire checkout process is completed using a single form on one page. The aim of one-step checkout, as opposed to multi-step checkout, is to get the customer through the process as simply and quickly as possible.

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How do you create a checkout page?

Creating a checkout page

  1. Go to WooCommmerce > Status and click on the tools tab.
  2. Look down for the “Create default WooCommerce pages option.”
  3. Click the button to “Generate Pages.”

How do I add a custom field to the billing and shipping address in WooCommerce?

Modifying Billing and Shipping Address Fields with Checkout Field Editor

  1. Go to Settings > CheckoutWC > Integrations and check the box next to “Enable Checkout Field Editor address field overrides.”
  2. Modify your addresses under WooCommerce > Checkout Fields.

How do I add a custom field in WooCommerce?

How to create WooCommerce custom fields with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin

  1. Log into WordPress and find Plugins > Add New. …
  2. Click ‘Custom Fields’ on the left hand side of the WordPress dashboard.
  3. Click the ‘Add New’ link by the ‘Field Group’ at the top of the page.
  4. Next, you’ll see the ‘Add New Field Group’ page:

How do I skip a WooCommerce checkout page?

1) Skip the Cart Page through WooCommerce Settings

1) Go to your WP Admin Dashboard and navigate to WooCommerce > Settings. Then, select the General settings option under the Products tab, check the “Redirect to the cart page after successful addition” option, and save the changes.

How do I make WooCommerce products free?

In the rules section, Choose the Condition type as “Coupons” and create your own coupon. The customer will receive a free product for making the purchase from the specified categories. The WooCommerce add free product to cart automatically once the customer applies the coupon before checkout.

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How do I download WooCommerce for free?

Manually in WordPress

  1. Download the plugin ZIP file from
  2. From the WordPress admin dashboard go to Plugins, Add New.
  3. Click Upload Plugin, locate the file, upload.
  4. In the WordPress dashboard go to Plugins, Installed Plugins, and activate Free Downloads WooCommerce.