How do I create a dynamic gallery in WordPress?

What is a dynamic gallery?

You can use groups to display multiple dynamic elements within each frame of a Swipeable Gallery or Carousel Gallery. For example, you might want each frame to include both the product image and text description for an item.

How many ways are there to create a gallery in WordPress?

Let’s walk through two different ways you can create an image gallery in WordPress.

Alter the size of your images.

  1. Click the Insert gallery button when you’re done.
  2. Save and preview your draft.
  3. To make any changes, click on the gallery. Then, click the pencil icon as shown below.

How do I create a dynamic slider in WordPress without plugins?

Slick Slider WordPress Without Plugin | Slick Carousel

  1. Step One: Download Slick Carousel files: The first thing we need to do is download the slick files from …
  2. Step Two: Enqueue the files. Now go to your functions. …
  3. Step Four: Add HTML Markup for carousel. …
  4. Step Four: Initialise the carousel.

How do you create a gallery?

Create a photo gallery module

  1. Create a folder the gallery will pull images from and upload your images. …
  2. Create the photo gallery module by selecting Modules > Photo Galleries and clicking Add Photo Gallery.
  3. Specify a name for the gallery module, select the folder containing your photos, and click Save.
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How do I create an image gallery in WordPress?

Create Image Galleries Using a WordPress Gallery Plugin

  1. Download Modula. The WP Modula Plugin. …
  2. Create a New Gallery. …
  3. Add a descriptive title. …
  4. Upload images for your gallery. …
  5. Publish and insert your gallery.