How do I change the paragraph style in WordPress?

How do I change the heading style in WordPress?

In the Customizer choose Fonts, then under Headings change the font, style, and size. You will see the changes instantly. Click ‘Save & Publish’ to save your changes. Also in the Customizer you’ll see Colors & Backgrounds.

How do I make my paragraphs wider in WordPress?

Add a paragraph by typing or select the paragraph block from the inserter icon. Right-click with your mouse and choose Open image to view it bigger. You can also choose the paragraph block from the Add Block button. Detailed instructions on adding blocks can be found here.

How do you do headings?

To add a heading style

  1. Type the text you want into a Word document.
  2. Select a sentence that you want to add a header to.
  3. Select Home > Styles (or press Alt+H, then L), and then select the heading you want, such as the Heading 1 button.

How do I change the default font in WordPress theme?

To change the custom fonts you use, go to Appearance → Customize → Fonts and select a different Header or Base Font. Or, you can switch back to your Theme’s default font by clicking the X to the right of the custom font name.

How do I change the height of a block in WordPress?

Resize Images

Then, click on a resize handle and drag the image to your desired size. Alternatively, you can adjust the width and height dimensions in the block settings on the right-hand-side. There are also convenient options here for setting the image to 100, 75, 50, and 25% of its original size.

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