Your question: How do I switch to a previous version of WordPress?

How do I revert to an older version of WordPress?

To restore a previous version of a page, select the desired revision, then click on the Load button at the bottom. Clicking the Load button loads the selected revision into the editor. In order to keep the changes, you will need to save the draft, or Update the page.

Can I roll back a WordPress update?

To re-install the most recent version of WordPress once you’re done troubleshooting, you’ll need to return to Settings > WP Downgrade. You can change your target version back to the latest update, and then repeat the process detailed above.

What is the latest version of WordPress?

The latest WordPress version is 5.6 “Simone” which came out on December 8th, 2020. Other recent versions include: WordPress 5.5.

How do I downgrade my WordPress version in cPanel?

Access your file structure via FTP, or the cPanel File Manager; Navigate to the wp-content folder of the WordPress instance which you want to modify; Go into either the plugins or themes folder, depending on what you are about to rollback; Change the folder name of the plugin or theme that you want to downgrade.

What is the latest WordPress version 2021?

Releases Category Archive

September 9, 2021 WordPress 5.8.1 Security and Maintenance Release
March 9, 2021 WordPress 5.7 “Esperanza”
March 2, 2021 WordPress 5.7 Release Candidate 2
February 23, 2021 WordPress 5.7 Release Candidate
February 22, 2021 WordPress 5.6.2 Maintenance Release
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What is the current version of WordPress 2021?

WordPress 5.7 — First Major Release of 2021.