You asked: How do I translate a WooCommerce subscription plugin?

How do I translate a WooCommerce subscription?

Besides selecting a domain, you can use the Search for field to find the exact front-end string you want to translate. Click the translations link for the string that you want to translate and use the dialog box that appears to do so for the corresponding languages.

How can I translate WooCommerce for free?

How to Automatically Translate WooCommerce

  1. Choose Your Languages. …
  2. Select Your Automatic Translation Service. …
  3. Generate Google Translate API Key. …
  4. Add API Key to TranslatePress to Automatically Translate WooCommerce.

Why does Loco translate not work?

Your translation files are not being loaded

Themes and plugins have to load their own translation files and Loco Translate cannot force them to. Check that themes are calling the “load_theme_textdomain” function, and plugins are calling “load_plugin_textdomain” . If they’re not then ask the author nicely to fix it.

How do you make a multilingual in WooCommerce?

Go to the WooCommerce → WooCommerce Multilingual and click the Multi-currency tab. You can configure everything related to the multi-currency: secondary currencies and their properties, add more currencies, set different prices for different currencies, and change the currency switcher options.

What is the best free translation plugin for WordPress?

The Best Free WordPress Translation Plugins

  • GTranslate.
  • Google Website Translator.
  • Loco Translate.
  • Xili Language.
  • Lingotek Translation.
  • TranslatePress.
  • Polylang Pro.
  • Weglot.
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What programming language is WooCommerce?


Original author(s) Mike Jolley, James Koster
Written in PHP
Operating system Unix-like, Windows
Type e-commerce
License GPL

What is Esc_html_e in WordPress?

It’s a combination of _e() , which echoes a translatable string, and esc_html() which is for outputting text so that the text is not interpreted as HTML. You would use it to prevent HTML being smuggled into a translation and breaking your markup or causing security issues.

What is WordPress text domain plugin?

The text domain is a unique identifier to ensure WordPress can distinguish between all loaded translations. … The text domain must match the slug of the plugin. If your plugin is a single file called my-plugin. php or it is contained in a folder called my-plugin the domain name must be my-plugin .