You asked: How do I edit an archive page in WordPress?

Choose the title, customize your page, add any Post Grid element; Go back to WordPress and click on Settings under the Visual Composer Dashboard; Navigate to Theme Templates and find an archive page you want to apply your template to (post archive, search page, author page, shop archive).

What is the use of archive page in WordPress?

Archive pages are generated to organize a list of posts under a specific post type, category, or tag. For example, a blog is a great illustration of the WordPress archive page. Archives are also available for the custom post type.

How do I customize archive Widgets in WordPress?

To add the widget to your site:

  1. Go to My Sites → Appearance → Widgets.
  2. Click on the location you’d like to place the widget on your site (either a footer or sidebar location).
  3. Click on the Add a Widget button.
  4. Next, type “Archives” into the search bar and click on the Archives widget to add it to your site:

How do I edit a saved WordPress template?

Navigate to Pages > All Pages, hover over the one you want, and select Quick Edit. You’ll see a Template drop-down menu here too, and you can select your custom template and save or update the page. This can be a quicker way to assign pages to a template if you have a lot of them to get through.

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How do I remove archive from WordPress page?

If you don’t have a Theme Options Page, look for “category. php” in your theme folder. Inside there, you should be able to find “Archive | ” fairly easily and remove it.

How do I create a custom post type archive page in WordPress?

First thing you need to make sure is that your custom post type has archive enabled in the code. To do this, you need to go to your custom post type code (can be found in your theme’s functions. php file or site-specific plugin file). You need to make sure that you have has_archive argument set to be true.

How do I use archive Widgets in WordPress?

Click the “Appearance” link and select the “Widgets” option. Locate the Archives widget and drag it into the sidebar area. Enter a title in the “Title” box. By default, the widget will display the month and year on the sidebar.

How do I edit a page in WordPress theme?

To open a page to edit, click on its title. This will open the WordPress editor where you can make changes to the page. Selecting the ellipses menu (the three vertical dots) will open up more menu options. Edit: Opens the WordPress Editor so you can make changes to the page.