Where is my WordPress thank you page?

How do I find my WordPress thank you page?

In WordPress is_page() can check page by ID,name or by slug but how can we check WooCommerce thank you page whether its a part of checkout page. Both of is_order_received_page() and is_wc_endpoint_url( ‘order-received’ ) will work to check if you are on the thankyou page in the frontend. Check Woo documentation here.

How do I get my WooCommerce URL?

Permalink settings for WooCommerce can be found at WordPress > Settings > Permalinks. From here you can configure the URL structure for your shop and product pages.

Where is checkout page in WooCommerce?

One Page Checkout Graphical Interface

  1. Go to: Pages > Add New or Posts > Add New.
  2. Make sure the editor is in Visual mode.
  3. Click the One Page Checkout icon.
  4. Click inside the Products field and type the product name/s to display.
  5. Select the products to display.
  6. Select the template to use for product selection fields.

How do I find my WooCommerce order ID?

$order->get_id(); The same applies for other woocommerce objects like procut. then you’ll be returned the id of the post from which the order is made.

What is thank you page?

A Thank You Page is an essential page on any website. This is where users are directed to after they have either made a purchase or when they fill out a certain opt-in form on the website. It is a way to acknowledge the amount a user took out and invested in the service or product of a certain business.

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Do you need a thank you page?

Yes, You Need a Thank You Page!

First of all, it’s the polite thing to do, and you don’t look like a scruffy rapscallion to me. But more importantly, the thank you page serves as a method to continue your interaction with a user.

How do I change the order of my text in WooCommerce?

Go to this path

wp-content -> plugins -> woocommerce -> templates -> order -> order-details. php. into this page you can get Order Details .