Quick Answer: Why can’t I add widgets in Elementor?

If the widget panel is grayed out completely and looks like the image below, you may have a plugin conflict. To find a plugin that is causing the layout issue, deactivate all of your plugins except Elementor and Elementor Pro, if applicable.

Why can’t I drag widgets in Elementor?

If you cannot drag and drop, this is generally due to the use of Internet Explorer or older versions of Microsoft Edge to edit with Elementor. It is not possible to edit with older versions of Microsoft browsers. Please edit Elementor pages with Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, version 79 or greater.

How do I fix Elementor not loading widget?

7 Ways to fix Elementor not Loading error.

  1. Check Plugin Conflicts.
  2. Check PHP Version & PHP Memory Limit.
  3. Disable Unused Widgets.
  4. Check .htaccess File.
  5. Increase Apache Service Limit.
  6. Change Editor Loading Method.
  7. Use well-coded Elementor addons.

How do I add a widget to an Elementor in WordPress?

Sure you can! Plugin widgets that appear in the WordPress widgets menu will also appear inside Elementor automatically. Just drag and drop them onto the page.

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Why is Elementor not working?

Make sure you are using the most updated versions of Elementor, WordPress & your theme. Deactivate all your plugins besides Elementor (and Elementor Pro). If this solves the problem, gradually activate your plugins one by one, until you spot the problematic plugin. … If you cannot load Elementor, see this guide.

How do I drag widgets in Elementor?

Click and hold your left mouse button on the handle of the section you wish to move. While you continue to hold the mouse button down, drag the section to its new location. When you see the blue line appear in the correct place, let go of the mouse button.

Why does my phone say Problem loading widget?

There are various causes for the Problem Loading Widget error. The most common one is a temporary halt which is simply resolved by a reboot or re-adding the widget. However, a corrupt app’s cache or lack of permissions for custom launchers might cause it as well.

How do I fix gray widget?

My widget stays grey

  1. Reboot your phone, and see if the widget is still grey. If not, you are able to select it, for example to reinstall the app store.
  2. When step 1 doesn’t work,
  3. Place the widget back on the homescreen.

Is Elementor a widget?

Elementor Widgets | The Best WordPress Plugin Alternative.

How do you use a Elementor widget?

To get started, create a new page or post and click Edit with Elementor. On the left side, you’ll see the Elementor sidebar with all the drag-and-drop features you can use to build your web page. Simply click, hold, and drag a widget to the place where you’d like to add the new module.

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Can I use other plugins with Elementor?

Elementor works great with any well-written plugin, including Yoast SEO, CSS Hero, WooCommerce, WPML, BuddyPress, Polylang, CF7 and more.

How do I create a custom Elementor widget?

Once the widgets_registered action runs, we can register our own widget using Plugin::instance()->widgets_manager->register_widget_type . To create an Elementor widget, we’ll use an OOP approach, since Elementor has a base Class we can extend. With the class, you can define a widgets name and title.

How many widgets does Elementor have?

Elementor is packed with 28 useful widgets split into several categories in the panel.