Question: How do I use meta box in WordPress?

What is the use of meta box?

Meta Box helps you add custom fields and details on your website such as pages, posts, custom post types, forms and anywhere you want using over 40 different field types such as text, images, file upload, checkboxes, and more.

How do I add a metabox to a plugin?


  1. Download the TGM Activation Class. Make sure you select “Plugin” for the option “I’m going to use TGMPA in a:”.
  2. Extract the downloaded . zip file and copy the file class-tgm-plugin-activation. php and example. php to your theme / plugin folder. …
  3. Open the example. php file and add plugins to the plugin list:

How do I create a custom meta box value in WordPress?

Here we go!

  1. Create a meta box. WordPress provides a function add_meta_box to add meta box in whatever page we want. …
  2. Add custom fields into a meta box. To add custom fields into a meta box, we need to modify the callback function to output form inputs. …
  3. Save the custom fields.
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Where is Meta Box in WordPress?

The meta box HTML is included inside the edit screen’s form tags, all the post data including meta box values are transfered via POST when the user clicks on the Publish or Update buttons. The example shown here only contains one form field, a drop down list.

How do I get rid of meta box in WordPress?

Go to Write options – Post to deactivate the meta boxes from the post editor in Post. If you want to remove the meta box in other post types, choose Write options – [post type]. As you can see, this plugin allows you only to deactivate meta boxes, not completely delete them as using code.

How do I add a custom meta field in WordPress without plugin?

Step 1: Go to add a new post or edit a post, then click on Screen Options.

  1. The Edit Post screen in WordPress.
  2. Check the box “Custom Fields”
  3. The Custom Fields area.
  4. An example of saving the information about a product in custom fields.
  5. Add extra data into a custom field.
  6. Homepage after adding custom fields.

How do I add a meta box to a custom post type?

To add a meta box to a number of post types screens – post , page and a book custom post type; create an array of the post types, iterate over the array and use add_meta_box() to add the meta box to them.

How do I add more product information to WooCommerce meta box?

To add extra info to a WooCommerce product (post type product), we will create a new meta box called “Extra Product Info” with 6 custom fields: Unit: an input text box with predefined values box, packet, blister pack, bottle. Users can add more units if that’s not in the list. Specification: an input text box.

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How do I add a custom field to a custom post type in WordPress?

How to Add Custom Fields to WordPress Custom Post Types

  1. Install and active Advanced Custom Fields free plugin.
  2. Click Custom Fields on your WordPress sidebar and add a new field.
  3. Hit Add Field and complete general settings. …
  4. Set Post Type rules in the Location section. …
  5. Publish the new custom field.

How do I add a custom meta field in WordPress?

How to Add, Get, and Change WordPress User Meta Data

  1. $user_id : The ID of the user to be affected.
  2. $meta_key : The name of the user meta field to be affected.
  3. $meta_value : The value that the user meta field should now take—this can be a string, integer, array, or any other data type depending on your needs.

How do I create a custom metabox?

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  1. What is meta box?
  2. Create a simple custom field plugin.
  3. Create a meta box.
  4. Add custom fields into a meta box.
  5. Save the custom fields.
  6. Get and display custom fields in the frontend.
  7. Get custom fields values outside the loop. 7.1. Hardcode the post ID. 7.2. Get the post ID from queries.