How do you change the front page in WordPress?

How do I change the front page in WordPress?

How to Change the Default Home Page in WordPress

  1. Log in to the administration area of your WordPress site.
  2. Click on “Settings” in the left sidebar to expand the “Settings” submenu. …
  3. Click on the radio button labelled “A static page” in the “Front Page Displays” section to set the front page to display a static page.

How do I get to the front page in WordPress?

To get there, log in to and go to My Site. In the lefthand menu bar click on the option that says “Customize.” It varies slightly from theme to theme, but you should look for an option that say somthing like “Homepage Settings.” This page will tell you which page the site is using as a homepage.

How do you set Google as your homepage?

In the Android version of the mobile app, you can add a home button to Chrome under Settings > Homepage. Make sure the switch is turned on and set the custom URL to so you will be taken to Google each time you tap the home button.

How do I change the front page in canvas?

How to Change Your Home Page Layout in Canvas

  1. On your current home page, click on the link for “Choose Home Page”.
  2. Choose a layout from the “Choose Home Page” dialog box.
  3. You’ll see link to set a front page in Pages, if you haven’t already done so.
  4. Click the “Save” button.
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How do I change my new tab page?

Open a new tab by pressing the “Ctrl” + “t” keys on your keyboard or clicking on File > New Tab. Alternatively, click on the plus icon at the top of your Chrome window. Head over to the bottom right-hand corner and click on the “Customize” button.

IS HOME PAGE condition in WordPress?

WordPress is a terrific CMS. … For example, you are probably using the is_front_page and is_home WordPress Homepage conditional in your themes and plugins (you can learn more about conditional functions in our Conditional Tags post).

What is the purpose of theme in front page?

A theme is a set of design elements and colors that you can apply to give your Web pages a professional look. Applying themes helps keep your pages visually consistent, as well as visually appealing.