How do I show my shop page in WooCommerce?

To define your page you first need to create a standard page (if you haven’t done so yet) then go to WooCommerce > Settings then click on the “Products” tab then on the “Display” sub-tab where you will find the dropdown option.

Where is the shop page in WooCommerce?

Create page “My shop” -> choose template “my-shop” Choose “My shop” as Woocommerce shop page.

How do I set the store page in WooCommerce?

First, install and activate the WooCommerce Product Table plugin. Then, go to the WooCommerce tab and click Settings > Products. Under the Products tab, you will see the Product tables section. Here, enter the plugin’s license key that you got upon purchasing the plugin.

How do I make multiple shop pages in WooCommerce?

1 Answer

  1. go to: → Appearance → Menus;
  2. remove »Shop« from menu;
  3. at the top of your window click on »Screen Options«;
  4. add a checkmark on »Product Categories«;
  5. now you can add the »Product Categories« to your menu;

How do I add categories to my shop?

To add Shop categories:

  1. Go to My eBay.
  2. Click the Manage my Shop link on the left side of the page.
  3. Click the Shop Categories link.
  4. Click the Add Category button.
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How do I display WooCommerce products on a custom page?

How to do it

  1. Install the WooCommerce Product Table plugin. …
  2. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Product Tables and choose the settings for your product tables. …
  3. Open the ‘Edit Product’ screen for the product where you want to add a table of custom fields.
  4. Add a product table shortcode to the Short Description field.

How do I show all items on one page in WordPress?

In the WordPress admin, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Product tables. Add your license key and read through all the settings, choosing the ones that you want for your WooCommerce all products list. Now create a page where you want to list all products in a table (Pages > Add New.

Is product a category?

Product categories are typically created by a firm or industry organization to organize products.


Overview: Product Category
Type Products
Definition A type of product or service.

How do I create a category page for WordPress?

To get started, go to Pages → Add New to create a basic WordPress page. Then, add the [product_table] shortcode to the page. You can also add a category title using the regular title field. By default, the shortcode will display all your WooCommerce products.

How do I select a shop page in WordPress?

Go to WordPress Admin Menu > WooCommerce > Settings and click on ProductsTab. On that tab you will see a sub tab link called General. Click on that sub tab to show the set of options to select the main shop page. Use the Shop Page option to select the page you just created in the previous step.

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