How do I make rounded edges in Elementor?

How do you change the shape of a button in an Elementor?

To change the shape of the button, go to the Style tab, and set the Border Radius to 50 for left, right, top, and bottom. With the Hover option selected, you can now change Hover Animation to Shrink so that the button becomes smaller under hovering.

How do you split sections in Elementor?

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  1. Add a new Section.
  2. Go to Section > Style > Shape Divider.
  3. Choose to display at the Top or Bottom of your section.
  4. Type: Click the dropdown to choose your Shape Divider style.
  5. Color: Pick a color.
  6. Width: Set the width of your Shape Divider.
  7. Height: Set the height of your Shape Divider.

What is a divider in Elementor?

The Divider Widget allows you to add styled horizontal lines that divide your content.

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