How do I make a sticky header with the free Astra in WordPress?

How do you make a sticky header without plugin in WordPress?

Follow the steps below.

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Go to Appearance > Customize.
  3. Click Additional CSS.
  4. Add the following CSS code: #website-navigation { …
  5. Replace #website-navigation with the CSS class or Id of your navigation menu. …
  6. Click the blue Publish button.
  7. Refresh your website to see your sticky menu.

How do I fix a scrolling header?

The best way to do this is to set a new CSS class for the fixed position that will get assigned to the relevant div when scrolling goes past a certain point. If the trigger point is unknown but should be whenever the sticky element reaches the top of the screen, offset(). top can be used.

How do I make my header sticky?

Using position: sticky

It’s pretty simple to use. A few CSS declarations and I was able to have a sticky header. Here are three simple steps: Find the correct style so you can declare the element as sticky using position:sticky; (don’t forget browser prefixes like position: -webkit-sticky; ).

How do I get rid of sticky header in WordPress?

Log into WordPress and go to Appearance > Customize > General Theme Settings > Header and uncheck the option.

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What is a sticky header WordPress?

Header Builder provides a feature to create a sticky header – when a visitors scrolls down the page, a new (sticky) header will slide down, hiding the initial header. … With sticky header, you can create a different header which will only be displayed upon scrolling down the page.

How do I style a header in WordPress?

Simply browser to Appearance -> Customize -> Header to select your header style under the “General” tab. Note: All header styles can be styled via the Customizer. You can change the header background, padding, menu colors, menu dropdowns, menu borders…etc.

How do I change the header on my Astra?

After activating a module click on Settings option to get started. Now you can see Page Header option under the Appearance tab, below Astra Options. Add a new page header & give an appropriate name to it. Choose options for Page Header, Site Header set the Display Rules and you are done!

How do I change the header color in Astra WordPress?

Primary Header Colors with Astra Theme

As mentioned above, global colors available under Appearance > Customize > Global > Colors will be applied to the header. While with Astra Pro Addon you get an option to set a color for each element in the header.