How do I get ACF repeater field value in WordPress?

How do you find the value of repeater in ACF?

php $rows = get_field(‘repeater_field_name’); if($rows) { echo ‘

    ‘; foreach($rows as $row) { echo ‘
  • sub_field_1 = ‘ . $row[‘sub_field_1’] .

    How can I get ACF field value from Post ID?

    get_field($selector, [$post_id], [$format_value]);

    1. $selector (string) (Required) The field name or field key.
    2. $post_id (mixed) (Optional) The post ID where the value is saved. Defaults to the current post.
    3. $format_value (bool) (Optional) Whether to apply formatting logic. Defaults to true.

    How do I get ACF field key?

    Show Field Keys in Advanced Custom Fields Pro

    1. In your Dashboard go to Custom Fields > Custom Fields, and choose your field group.
    2. Click ‘Screen Options’ at the top right of your browser window.
    3. Set ‘Show Field Keys’ to ‘Yes’
    4. See your field keys next to the field number in your group list.

    How do I use ACF repeater field?

    Template Usage

    php // check if the repeater field has rows of data if( have_rows(‘repeater_field_name’) ): // loop through the rows of data while ( have_rows(‘repeater_field_name’) ) : the_row(); // display a sub field value the_sub_field(‘sub_field_name’); endwhile; else : // no rows found endif; ?>

    Is ACF repeater free?

    The ACF Repeater plugin as an additional component for the core ACF plugin was never free. The main difference is that before the ACF Pro version, those additional types of fields had to be purchased separately. Now they are all included in the ACF Pro version.

    What is ACF coding?

    Description. The ACF Theme Code plugin automatically generates the code needed to implement Advanced Custom Fields in your themes.

    How do I activate my ACF pro?

    To activate your ACF PRO license, you need to paste your license key into the available space on the page at Custom Fields > Updates. Then click the ‘Activate License’ button. You can find this key on your store account page.

    How do I create a custom field value in WordPress post?

    Adding Custom Fields in WordPress

    First, you need to edit the post or page where you want to add the custom field and go to the custom fields meta box. Next, you need to provide a name for your custom field and then enter its value. Click on the Add Custom Field button to save it.

    Where are ACF fields stored in database?

    In ACF 4 the field groups are save as a post in the post table with a post type of “acf”. This hold the record of the field group. The fields and other settings for the field group live in the postmeta table and you’ll find everything for the field group by looking for the post_id of the acf post.

    How do I get ACF labels?

    You can output the label of an Advanced Custom Field: ACF field by using the get_field_object() function which stores an array of data about the custom field.

    How do you get group fields in ACF?

    Get All Field Group Fields

    We’ll start by getting the fields and aggregating them. This function get all fields for a given field group using the acf_get_fields function from ACF. The only variable is on line 5, which will hold the field group ID. You can see this in the URL when editing a field group.

    How do I display ACF custom fields in frontend WordPress?

    To make the fields show in the template you have to use the following: the_field(‘field-name’); You can also insert the code in the archive template or query post your are using to show posts. Check “display on front” within post or page editing.

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