How do I edit a contact form in WooCommerce?

Click on the Pages option from the left-hand menu. From the Pages screen, locate the Contact Us page and click the Edit link just below it.

How do I edit a form in WordPress?

You can customize your form by adding additional fields to by dragging them from the left-hand panel to the right-hand panel. Next, click on the field to make other changes. You can also drag a form field to rearrange the order on your request template form.

How do I add a contact us form in WooCommerce?

How to Create a Contact Form Using Gravity Forms

  1. Install the plugin and activate your product under Forms > Settings tab. …
  2. Create a new form and then start adding the necessary fields.
  3. Customize the properties of each field.
  4. Save your form.
  5. Edit your contact page to insert the form by pasting the shortcode.

How do I edit a form template?

On the Settings menu, click Settings, and then click Form Library Settings. Under General Settings, click Advanced settings. In the Document Template section, click Edit Template. The form template will open in Microsoft Office InfoPath.

How do I edit the cart details on WooCommerce checkout?

Go to Settings and enable Before Customer Details custom section. Then, go to Before Customer Details tab and add a field. Click Save Changes and you’re ready! Now you have a message on the WooCommerce checkout page.

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How do I change my contact details on WordPress?

Click on Update your contact information then click Edit Contact Info to edit your domain contact information. If your information is available to edit it will look something like this.

How do I edit the footer in WordPress?

How to Edit a Footer in WordPress

  1. Log in to the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Go to Appearance > Customize.
  3. Look to see if you have a Footer option. If you do, select Footer > Bottom Bar. …
  4. If you have the Copyright Area option. If you do, you can make changes to this footer as well.

Does WooCommerce have a contact form?

The Woocommerce contact form is not just a tool to gather information entered by your user. You can unlock its value by gathering all relevant user details, including previous interactions, and purchases, automatically.