How do I create a case study in WordPress?

How do I add a case study in WordPress?

Use the [case-studies] shortcode or the Case Studies Widget to display case studies in any page or widget area on your site.

  1. Filter case studies by type.
  2. Order case studies by title, date, or random.
  3. List case studies or make them rotate.

How do you create a case study?

Before you begin writing, follow these guidelines to help you prepare and understand the case study:

  1. Read and examine the case thoroughly. Take notes, highlight relevant facts, underline key problems.
  2. Focus your analysis. Identify two to five key problems. …
  3. Uncover possible solutions. …
  4. Select the best solution.

What is the format for a case study?

Follow these rules for the draft: Your draft should contain at least 4 sections: an introduction; a body where you should include background information, an explanation of why you decided to do this case study, and a presentation of your main findings; a conclusion where you present data; and references.

What is a simple case study?

A case study is an in-depth study of one person, group, or event. … While case studies focus on a single individual or group, they follow a format that is similar to other types of psychology writing.

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How do you start a case study introduction?

Drafting the Case

  1. Introduction. Identify the key problems and issues in the case study. …
  2. Background. Set the scene: background information, relevant facts, and the most important issues. …
  3. Evaluation of the Case. Outline the various pieces of the case study that you are focusing on. …
  4. Proposed Solution/Changes. …
  5. Recommendations.

What makes a great case study?

A good case study isn’t simply engaging content, it needs to be well-written, engaging content that is laid out in a clear, concise manner. … Most readers are just going to skim your case study to find important parts that relate to them.

Where can I access case studies?

Free Case Studies online

  • Business Case Studies by Company and also by Topic.
  • Case Place.
  • Journal of Business Case Studies.
  • MIT Sloan Management LearningEdge.
  • The New York Times Small Business Case Studies.
  • Yale School of Management.

What is case study design?

A case study is a research approach that is used to generate an in-depth, multi-faceted understanding of a complex issue in its real-life context. It is an established research design that is used extensively in a wide variety of disciplines, particularly in the social sciences.

Why include case studies on your website?

A well-written case study can remove questions and doubts potential customers may be asking before they approach you. Your case study is one of the best ways to exhibit your professional skills and experience. Case Studies are an easy and effective way to market your skills and experience on your website.

How do you write a case study outline?


  1. Title. A thoughtful title that captures the essence of the case study.
  2. Abstract. (or Summary) A one- or two-paragraph statement summing up the study (what, why, when, where, how, and who). …
  3. Introduction. (or Background). …
  4. Hypothesis. …
  5. Methodology. …
  6. Results (or Data). …
  7. Analysis. …
  8. Conclusions.
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