How do I contact WordPress chat?

Does WordPress have live chat support?

If you have an annual Premium, Business, or eCommerce plan, you will have access to priority Live Chat support at no extra cost. Our Happiness Engineers can answer any questions that you have about, how it works, and how best to use it. …

How do I get live chat on WordPress?


  1. Go to your WordPress admin dashboard, then find the “Plugins” menu.
  2. Click on “Add New” and search for “LiveChat”.
  3. Activate the live chat plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  4. Click the LiveChat menu on the left.
  5. Create a new account or sign-in if you already have a LiveChat account.

Can I email WordPress?

All the support is done through online communication. If you have a paid upgrade(Personal, Premium or Business), you can use this Contact Form: to reach WordPress and they’ll follow up via Email.

What is chat customer support?

Chat support is a common method of customer service or support that offers assistance to customers through the use of a messaging app or online chatbot. … Chat support allows customers to connect with brands at their convenience, without having to pick up the phone.

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Does live chat cost money?

LiveChat Pricing Overview

LiveChat pricing starts at $16.00 per feature, per month. They do not have a free version. LiveChat offers a free trial. See additional pricing details below.

What is the best chat app for WordPress?

Here are pros and cons of 13 of the best WordPress live chat plugins and live chat software on the market.

  • Chaport. …
  • SnapEngage. …
  • Intercom. …
  • Freshchat. …
  • LivePerson. …
  • Smartsupp. …
  • Pure Chat. …
  • Drift. Drift is a popular conversational marketing platform that integrates with all of the CRM and email marketing services you know and love.

How do I create a chat app for WordPress?

Get Set Up Quickly

  1. Log into your WordPress account and open your dashboard, then select Plugins on the left sidebar.
  2. In the “Add New” section, search “Pure Chat” with the search bar at the top right.
  3. Install and activate the plugin. Then find Pure Chat in the left sidebar and pick a widget to turn the chat on!

What is the best free chat plugin for WordPress?

Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins For 2020!

  • WP Live Chat Support. WP Live Chat Support is an awesome free WordPress Live-chat plugin that is ideal for businesses of all scales. …
  • Tawk.To Live Chat. …
  • Tidio Live Chat. …
  • JivoChat Live Chat. …
  • LiveChat. …
  • REV Chat. …
  • Live Chat by Formilla. …
  • Pure Chat.

How do I install chat plugin?

Set up the Chat Plugin from your Facebook Page

  1. Go to your Page’s Settings.
  2. Click Messaging.
  3. Under Add Messenger to your website, click Get Started.
  4. Under Set Up Your Chat Plugin, click Set Up.
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How do I complain to WordPress?

If you’re logged in to a account and stumble upon a site you’d like to report, simply click the three dots to the right of the “Follow” link in the bottom right corner of the screen, and you’ll see Report this content which will allow you to send us a report for: content that is spam.

How do I add email to WordPress?

Creating email links in WordPress

  1. Open the appropriate page or post and select (highlight) the text to be linked. …
  2. Enter mailto: followed immediately by the email address. …
  3. Click the Apply button (with the arrow)
  4. Publish or Update your post or page.

How do I create an email address in WordPress?

How To Create a New Email Account

  1. Log in to your Customer Portal.
  2. Click Hosting from the left-hand menu.
  3. Locate your Optimized WordPress package, then click Manage.
  4. On the next page, select Email Accounts.
  5. Click Create Account.
  6. Fill out the required fields.