How do I change the header of a Elementor in WordPress?

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How do I change the top header in an Elementor?

Click Go to Dashboard.

Then navigate to Pages > All Pages tab on the left. Here click Edit to edit the page where you’re having problems with the header. Scroll the page down to see Page settings block. Here switch to Header Style settings.

Why can’t I edit the header in Elementor?

Please note that currently, you cannot directly edit the header/footer with Elementor. There are options to replace them with Elementor templates or use Elementor exclusive header/footer but both of these require Elementor Pro.

How do you fix an Elementor loading issue?

7 Ways to fix Elementor not Loading error.

  1. Check Plugin Conflicts.
  2. Check PHP Version & PHP Memory Limit.
  3. Disable Unused Widgets.
  4. Check .htaccess File.
  5. Increase Apache Service Limit.
  6. Change Editor Loading Method.
  7. Use well-coded Elementor addons.
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