How do I change the date on a WordPress comment?

Click on the Edit link next to the Submitted On date and time. This will give you the option to adjust the Submitted On date, as well as time, to whatever you choose. Click Update to save changes.

How do I edit a comment on WordPress?

To modify your comment, you need to click on the Click to Edit link. This will allow you to make changes to your comment. However, you’ll not be allowed to change your name, email, or website URL. Once you’re done, you need to click on the Save button to update the comment.

Can you change the date on a WordPress post?

To change the post date, go to the Posts option in the left toolbar > go to All Posts > hover over the post in question and select edit. Once you are in the post editor, look on the right side of the screen under the Publish section and find the published on date. Next to the date is an edit link. Hope that helps.

How do I remove the date and time from a WordPress comment?

To remove them, you need to point the cursor to those words and right-click to select ‘Inspect’ from the browser menu. Next, you need to note the CSS class used in the surrounding div or span around date/time in your theme. You can now save your changes and visit your website to see it in action.

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How do I get the date on my WordPress comment?

get_comment_date( string $format = ”, int|WP_Comment $comment_ID ) Retrieves the comment date of the current comment.

How do you write an attractive comment?

To get the most out of commenting on F1 Fanatic, here are ten quick and easy tips on how to write a great comment.

  1. Read the article. …
  2. Respond to the article. …
  3. Read the other comments. …
  4. Make it clear who you’re replying to. …
  5. Use the return key. …
  6. Avoid sarcasm. …
  7. Avoid unnecessary acronyms. …
  8. Use facts.

How do you edit your comment?

To edit a comment, just tap on the comment you want to edit, then choose “Edit Comment.” Once you’re done editing your comment, tap the Update button and you’re all set. To edit a post, tap on your post, then choose “Edit Post.” After editing your post, tap on the Save button.

How do you backdate a post?

The post will publish immediately.

  1. From the All Published section of the Content Library, hover over the post you want to backdate.
  2. Click to open the dropdown menu, then select Change date.
  3. Select a date and time in the past. …
  4. Select Backdate.

How do I remove the date from my WordPress posts?

Removing date from WordPress post is very easy from the admin dashboard.

  1. Go to the admin dashboard.
  2. After that, go to Settings > General.
  3. On the date format section, select Custom and delete whatever is there and click on Save Changes.

How do I back date a post on WordPress?

Go to any post or blog that you would like to backdate. On the right-hand side where the Publish button is located, you will see a “Publish immediately Edit” option. Click on the “Edit” option. You will now see options to change the month, day, and time it will be published.

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What is comment date?

The date and time a remark was collected. (