How do I change text color in WPForms?

How do I customize WPForms?

How to Create a Custom Form

  1. Under WPForms click Add New.
  2. Enter a Form Name.
  3. Under Select a Template, click Blank Form.
  4. Choose a field under Standard Fields.
  5. Click Save.

What is a custom form?

Customs Forms are important documents used by foreign customs authorities to clear mail for entry into their country and, when appropriate, to assess duty and taxes. When you mail a package to another country, the contents and value of an item must be declared on the applicable customs form.

What is the best form plugin for WordPress?

To recap, here are the top WordPress form plugins:

  • Gravity Forms — Best for advanced users.
  • Jetpack Forms — Best for form security.
  • WPForms — Best for flexibility and power.
  • Formidable Forms — Best for complex form creation.
  • Ninja Forms — Best for quick solutions.
  • Caldera Forms — Best for free features.

How do I create a custom field in WPForms?

To create custom fields in your newly installed plugin, go to Custom Fields » Add New. Here, add a title for your new field group. For our example, we’ll call it WPForms. Then, you’ll need to add a new field by clicking the + Add Field button.

How do I make WPForms mobile friendly?

Display Fields in a Single Column on Mobile

To do this, all you have to do is add the CSS class wpforms-mobile-full to the CSS Classes field under Advanced Options. Make sure to do this form all of your form fields so they appear the same on all mobile devices. And there you have it!

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