Frequent question: What does page views mean on WordPress?

A view is only counted for a post or page when the direct link of the page/post is visited or the full post is viewed in the Reader. If a visitor reads a post while viewing your site’s home page, the view will not be counted towards the post, only towards total views.

What do views mean on WordPress?

A view is counted when a visitor loads or reloads a page. A visitor is counted when we see a user or browser for the first time in a given period (day, week, month). So if 1 person reads 3 posts on your site, that would be counted as 1 visitor and 3 views.

What is the difference between page visits and page views?

Page views vs. Visits: Page views counts the number of times a page is viewed. Visits counts the number of sessions for visitors. One visit consists of one or more page.

What is a good number of page views?

What is a good Page Views Per Session benchmark? According to a 2020 benchmark study by Littledata, the average website gets between 1.8 and 4.4 Page Views Per Sessions, with the top 10% of websites getting more than 5.7 Page Views Per Session on average.

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Does WordPress Count own views?

If your WordPress website is hosted on and it is a private blog, then yes, WordPress does count your own views in your WordPress stats. There are other Analytics platforms that can be synced to your WordPress website that will count your own page views in your stats as well.

Does WordPress count post views?

WordPress Views

Views are the number of times a visitor loads a page on your site. These numbers are updated every five minutes. It’s important to note that, although this number takes into account the actions that each visitor takes on your site, views are not the number of people who visit your site.

How are page views calculated?

Page Views: A page view is a count of how many times a page has been viewed on a website or the chosen group within the chosen period of time. All page views are counted no matter how many times a user has visited the website in the chosen period of time.

Are page views important?

Page views are important for publishers because each page view tallies with an ad impression for each ad on the page. If your ads are sold on a cost per thousand views (CPM) basis, this is an important number for you to grow. It’s tempting to make sacrifices to the user experience in order to increase page views.

Do page views matter?

Page views can be a particularly useful metric when looking at traffic to individual website pages. Say you had a pretty normal month for overall website traffic—about the same number of visitors as usual—but when you look into the page performance you see an abnormally high number of page views on your pricing page.

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What is more important page views or visits?

The metric of page visits trumps the tally of page views simply on two grounds – firstly, to the lay user, page visits are a more important measure of popularity as they are perceived to represent actual people rather than devices, which is the real case.

What is a good average pages per visit?

The unofficial industry standard is 2 pages per session. For most sites, the goal is keep users engaged, nurture their interest, and get them to take the next step. More pages per session often indicates that your users are highly engaged and willing to explore more of your site.

Is 1000 page views a month good?

There is no bad amount of pageviews, either. Not as long as you’re still growing and still trying to improve. … If you’re getting triple digit pageviews per month, push yourself to break 1000. If you’re getting 1000, see if you can crack 2000.

How do you get 1000 page views a day?

9 Strategies to Get Your First 1000 Page Views

  1. Share, share, share! …
  2. Research! …
  3. Set up content in a way that’s easy to read. …
  4. Don’t forget about design. …
  5. Offer your readers something of value. …
  6. Don’t just join a community; truly connect. …
  7. Don’t worry so much about comments. …
  8. Don’t forget search engine optimization.

Is 10000 page views a lot?

Are 10,000 Pageviews per month a good amount of Pageviews? No. If you are thinking about how much you can earn from your ads, don’t listen to what lot of people say: 10,000 Pageviews per month is nothing.

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