Frequent question: How do I create a custom listing page in WooCommerce?

Explaining custom post types and taxonomies

How do I create a page in WooCommerce?

Follow below steps to re-create these key WooCommerce pages:

  1. Go to Dashboard > WooCommerce > Status.
  2. Click on Tools tab from the top left area.
  3. Scroll down to “Create default WooCommerce pages”
  4. Click on Create Pages.

How do I list all products in WooCommerce?

In the WordPress admin, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Product tables. Add your license key and read through all the settings, choosing the ones that you want for your WooCommerce all products list. Now create a page where you want to list all products in a table (Pages > Add New.

Where is the WooCommerce shop page template?

Create page “My shop” –> choose template “my-shop” Choose “My shop” as Woocommerce shop page.

How do I make multiple shop pages in WooCommerce?

1 Answer

  1. go to: → Appearance → Menus;
  2. remove »Shop« from menu;
  3. at the top of your window click on »Screen Options«;
  4. add a checkmark on »Product Categories«;
  5. now you can add the »Product Categories« to your menu;

How do I restore WooCommerce?

Reverting to a Previous Version of WooCommerce

  1. Disable and delete the current plugin.
  2. Restore a previous backup of your store’s database.
  3. Download a previous version of WooCommerce under the Advanced View.
  4. Upload the previous version under Plugins > Add New.
  5. Activate the previous version of WooCommerce.
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How do I create a directory listing for my website?

How to create a directory website (5 steps)

  1. Choose a website platform. Here at Themeisle, we always recommend building websites with WordPress. …
  2. Select a hosting plan and domain name. …
  3. Install a WordPress directory theme. …
  4. Decide how to monetize your site. …
  5. Add extra functionality via plugins.

How do I create a separate login and registration page in WooCommerce?

If you want to have separate LOGIN, REGISTRATION and MY ACCOUNT pages then you need 3 shortcodes:

  1. [wc_reg_form_bbloomer] on the Register Page.
  2. [wc_login_form_bbloomer] on the Login Page.
  3. [woocommerce_my_account ] on the My Account Page.

How do I get a product on WooCommerce?

Add products to the Group

  1. Go to: WooCommerce > Products > Add New.
  2. Select the Grouped product you wish to add products to.
  3. Scroll down to Product Data and go to Linked Products.
  4. Select Grouped Products, and search for the product by typing.
  5. Click the products you wish to add.
  6. Update.

How do I show best selling products in WooCommerce?

By building our query via wp_query and an argument value “meta_key” as “total_sales” and orderby “meta_value_num”. In short we are displaying products as per the total sales number. Use WP_Query to query yes it’s possible since woocommerce uses custom post-type for adding products.