Can I integrate Calendly with WordPress?

Calendly can be added to any website, landing page or CMS like WordPress, Leadpages, Wix, Squarespace and many more. Choose from three different ways to add to your site: embed right on the page or launch Calendly in a pop-up by adding a button or text link.

How do I integrate Calendly on my website?

There are three easy ways to embed Calendly into your website:

  1. Inline. Calendly appears seamlessly within the body of your site.
  2. Pop-up Widget. A “Schedule time with me” button hovers in the corner of your site, and when clicked, opens Calendly in a pop-up window.
  3. Pop-up Text.

What is Calendly in WordPress?

Description. Embed Calendly helps you add Calendly scheduling pages to your WordPress website in an easy and simple way. Allows visitors to easily schedule meetings anywhere on your WordPress website, through Calendly. With an easy to use widget customizer, design your embed widget directly from the WordPress dashboard …

What is Calendly integration?

The best automated scheduling software for you and everyone you meet. Calendly aligns, syncs, and integrates everything around your meetings to add time and focus back to your workday.

Can Calendly take payments?

You can even collect payments directly through Calendly using credit card payments or PayPal. With additional customizations and integrations, Calendly offers a continuous user experience for your customers while simultaneously providing a highly efficient workflow for your team.

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Is Calendly worth?

Calendly has made a really solid product that I have 0 issues or complaints with. It makes it easy to use the free plan, integrations across multiple platforms. It’s easy to setup (5 to 10 minutes) and saves me time trying to schedule appointments with people. Calendly is awesome.

How do I remove Calendly branding?

(Calendly Premium or Pro subscribers only) To remove the Calendly badge, at Calendly Branding, switch the toggle to the left.

Does Calendly integrate with WooCommerce?

Sync WooCommerce customer data, automate your entire order processing. Streamline your scheduled events from Calendly to your favorite calendar app on autopilot. Do much more by connecting Calendly and WooCommerce.

How do I find my Calendly API key?

Get Your Authentication Token

  1. Log in to Calendly. Log in to your Calendly account at
  2. Navigate to the Integrations page. Navigate to the Integrations page at
  3. Copy your API Key. On the Integrations page, you will find your API Key!

Is Microsoft bookings like Calendly?

Calendly is appointment and meeting scheduling software for business professionals and their clients. Supported platforms include web-based devices. … Microsoft Bookings is an online appointment booking and scheduling tool for small businesses, available as part of Office 365 for Business subscriptions.

Should I trust Calendly?

Likelihood to Recommend

Calendly is well suited for people who are trying to schedule a meeting with a client or prospect and do not want to go back and forth on emails to find a date and time that works for all parties. It is also great for internal meetings on choosing a date and time that works for employees.

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