Can I change WooCommerce language?

Go to Settings → General in your WordPress dashboard. Find the Site Language drop-down. Select the language that you want to use in your WooCommerce dashboard. Save your changes.

How do I change the language of my WordPress store?

How to change WordPress language after installation

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to Settings>>General.
  2. In the Site Language dropdown list, select the language you want to use.
  3. Click Save Changes.

How do you make a multilingual in WooCommerce?

Go to the WooCommerce → WooCommerce Multilingual and click the Multi-currency tab. You can configure everything related to the multi-currency: secondary currencies and their properties, add more currencies, set different prices for different currencies, and change the currency switcher options.

How do I install WooCommerce language pack?

How to Install Individual WooCommerce Language Packs

  1. Go to Settings → General in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Locate the Site Language drop-down in the settings area.
  3. Select the language that you want to install for WooCommerce.
  4. Click Save Changes at the bottom.
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How can I translate WooCommerce for free?

How to Automatically Translate WooCommerce

  1. Choose Your Languages. …
  2. Select Your Automatic Translation Service. …
  3. Generate Google Translate API Key. …
  4. Add API Key to TranslatePress to Automatically Translate WooCommerce.

Why does Loco translate not work?

Your translation files are not being loaded

Themes and plugins have to load their own translation files and Loco Translate cannot force them to. Check that themes are calling the “load_theme_textdomain” function, and plugins are calling “load_plugin_textdomain” . If they’re not then ask the author nicely to fix it.

How do I change the string in WooCommerce?

You will require String Translation plugin to translate strings, String Translation is addon plugin, which you can download from your WPML Shop account under downloads. After you upload and activate the String Translation plugin from plugins menu, Go to wpml -> string translation to translate Woocommerce Strings.

Is TranslatePress free?

Free Version: You can get started with TranslatePress for free. Easy to Use: TranslatePress is easy to get started with and allows you to translate everything from the frontend, including WooCommerce products, page builder content, forms, etc. SEO Support: TranslatePress offers SEO support for multilingual sites.

Is WooCommerce multilingual free?

Using just the free version, you can create a fully functioning multilingual WooCommerce store in one new language (two languages total). However, there still are a few reasons why you might want to consider upgrading to the premium version of TranslatePress once you have the budget to do so.

How do I translate a WooCommerce store?

How to Translate WooCommerce Products. Translating WooCommerce products and product pages is much like translating your Shop page. Simply navigate to the product you want to translate and hover over the title or description, click, and then enter your translation in the sidebar. And that’s all you need to do.

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What programming language is WooCommerce?


Original author(s) Mike Jolley, James Koster
Written in PHP
Operating system Unix-like, Windows
Type e-commerce
License GPL

What is the text domain for WooCommerce?

The text domain is a unique identifier, allowing WordPress to distinguish between all of the loaded translations. The text domain is only needed to be defined for themes and plugins. Themes that are hosted on the text domain must match the slug of your theme URL (<slug> ).

What is Esc_html_e in WordPress?

It’s a combination of _e() , which echoes a translatable string, and esc_html() which is for outputting text so that the text is not interpreted as HTML. You would use it to prevent HTML being smuggled into a translation and breaking your markup or causing security issues.

Is Weglot free?

You can use the Free plan. The Free plan is automatically chosen at the end of the trial period, you don’t need to choose it manually. Your website has more than 2000 words: You will need to upgrade your plan to continue using Weglot.

What is Polylang?

Polylang allows you to create a bilingual or multilingual WordPress site. You write posts, pages and create categories and post tags as usual, and then define the language for each of them. The translation of a post, whether it is in the default language or not, is optional. You can use as many languages as you want.

What is the best free translation plugin for WordPress?

The Best Free WordPress Translation Plugins

  • GTranslate.
  • Google Website Translator.
  • Loco Translate.
  • Xili Language.
  • Lingotek Translation.
  • TranslatePress.
  • Polylang Pro.
  • Weglot.
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