Best answer: How do I change the theme color on my Astra WordPress?

How do I change the theme on my Astra WordPress?

Change Your Theme

To start, you need to install and activate the new theme just like you would any other theme. If your theme is listed at, you can go to Appearance → Themes → Add New and search for it by name. For a premium theme, you’ll need to upload the ZIP file and then activate it.

How do I change the color of my Astra header?

As mentioned above, global colors available under Appearance > Customize > Global > Colors will be applied to the header. While with Astra Pro Addon you get an option to set a color for each element in the header.

How do I change the header background color in Astra WordPress?

With Astra Pro, you can change header background color from theme header customizer [Appearance > Customize > Header] options.

What is the best free WordPress theme?

Let’s take a look at some of the best free WordPress themes that you can install on your site.

  1. Astra. Astra is a fully customizable and free WordPress blog theme. …
  2. OceanWP. OceanWP is one of the most popular free WordPress themes. …
  3. Hestia. …
  4. Bento. …
  5. Go. …
  6. Blocksy. …
  7. SiteOrigin Unwind. …
  8. Hemingway.
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What happened to the Astra theme?

Astra Theme Suspension is Live

The theme is no longer available from the WordPress theme repository for download. That means that over 1 million Astra theme users will not be able to update their theme via WordPress for five weeks. … They say that this new version complies with WordPress rules.

Is Astra theme good?

Astra is simply the best WordPress theme out there! It is very stable and lightweight. We switched our websites to Astra a couple of years ago, and looking back at it now, it was an excellent decision. Really impressed with the theme and will highly recommend it to anyone looking to build a WordPress site.